My materials


This is flax, also known as harakeke and it’s what I predominantly use for my weaving.

Because it’s a raw plant material, not easily accessible in Manhattan (is it?) I’ve customised my collection here to focus on another traditional style called Taniko.

Taniko is created by the twisting of threads which mean is doesn’t require the use of a loom like many other traditional forms of weaving. There are plenty of varied patterns and preferably only muka (a specific type of flax plant) was used. Again, I’ve had to adapt my materials because of US biosecurity issue, so instead I’m using Chinese knot silk to create my pieces.

The particular design that I’m working on above, uses the Patikitiki design – based on the diamond shape of the flounder fish.

I’ll make sure to post this adornment piece as soon as I’ve finished, but I can already tell it’s going to be quite big.

Clea Pettit