1000 Fifth Avenue

Thank you  Olivier Rousteing  for getting Rihanna, Iman and Naomi together to model two years ago… let’s do it again ok?

Thank you Olivier Rousteing for getting Rihanna, Iman and Naomi together to model two years ago… let’s do it again ok?

“Lastly, Shona Tawhiao stood out from the rest with her masterful skills of weaving flax into unique and exquisite sculptures. Tawhiao is a fibre artist and an acutely adept one too. Her collection is entitled ‘Te Whiri’ and based on traditional warrior attire.” – Six years ago this collection was born out of my desire to weave all that I love together.

Rakeitia will be made up of workshop demonstrations that are delivered at The Metropolitan Museum of Art located at 1000 Fifth Avenue in New York.

As strategic timing would have it, MET’s Costume Institute exhibition ‘Manus x Machina; fashion in an age of technology’ is also showing!

Press says this major event examines the push and pull in which the hand and the machine are presented as discordant tools in the creative process, questioning the significance of the distinction between haute couture and ready-to-wear.

With more than 120 hand-constructed ensembles, dating from and 1880’s Worth gown to a 2015 Chanel suit, ‘Manus x Machina’ will be for me, a fascinating look into the foundation of Haute Couture from the 19th century. And as America’s awareness grows of how ‘throwaway’ fashion is adversely affecting the environment this show will definitely highlight my own mahi too as it draws a distinction between the hand (Manus) and the emergence of the machine contributing to textile industrialisation and mass production.

This type of display, for me, of concentrated research and development is priceless. Furthermore, it has some serious backing from Apple, who see craft and technology going hand in hand. As the event’s sponsor there will be lecture talks and case studies presented, contrasting haute couture to ready-to-wear. Traditional western haute couture, including embroidery, feather-work, artificial flowers, pleating, lacework, and leatherwork will be presented alongside innovative processes, such as 3D printing, circular knitting, computer modelling, bonding and laminating, laser cutting, and ultrasonic welding.

I think my hand woven work also focuses on pushing the boundaries. I can see it feeding into and out of ‘Manus x Machina’ and will be posting more about this over the next few weeks.

Shona Tawhiao